First Steps Towards Vera Mexicana

This is the first official communique from Vera Mexicana and our adventure into the wonders of Mexican cuisine and food culture. What is Vera Mexicana? Vera Mexicana is a brand dedicated to transparently source high-quality Mexican food products.

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First Steps Towards Vera Mexicana

Our approach

For too long Mexican cooking has been viewed as a “cheap and easy eat”, and while Mexican food definitely has some easy aspects (no one would be happy if every meal was a 3-hour journey…), this is a simplification of one of the most complex and beautiful food cultures out there. Even the simplification of “Mexican” food is a misnomer – Mexico is a country consisting of 31 states, all of which have distinct terrain, flavor profiles, dishes, and traditions! Over the coming months and years, we invite you to explore the wonderfully varied cuisine that is Mexican food together with us. And we promise to help you, from sourcing your ingredients to understanding how to use them, Vera Mexicana will be your trusted partner.

This means we will have cooking classes and videos of how to use dried chilies, it means you will have one resource where you can find everything you need to know about how to use the classic Mexican products. And if it isn’t readily available, all we ask is that you shoot us a message or give us a ring, and we will definitely help you out as best we can

High quality in every product

We aim to source high-quality local ingredients in order to create products that are true to the products’ original flavor profiles – and of course, we plan on doing this as naturally as possible. This will mean working closely with our partners in Mexico to ensure any preservatives you find in our products are there because they need to be. Too many times have we tasted a product and thought “hey that was pretty good”, only to realize that ingredients can only be read by someone with a degree in pharmaceutical sciences and excellent Latin skills.

Transparency in what you eat

Our products will be produced by small companies using local ingredients where possible, and you will be invited into the process and lives of the farmers and partners in our transparent supply chain.

This means that all you food lovers out there will have an overview of where and by whom the fresh ingredients are farmed and where the products you buy are subsequently enriched and produced. Of course, it also means that all products will have a clear labeling of what exactly is in your product – and trust us, it’ll only be the good stuff!

So who are we?

Behind the name hides two partners in salsa: Søren Hove and Pelle Jorgensen. Both of us love Mexican food and can imagine nothing better than traveling the world to taste new things. Curiosity is our mantra, and throughout Vera Mexicana’s life, we hope to never stop exploring new and exciting food in Mexico.

Pelle is our chief curious gato and will be exploring the near and far reaches of Mexican food cuisine for Vera Mexicana, while orchestrating the band from the shadows.
Søren is our in-house food aficionado. He has spent time cooking in France, and can answer any question you might have on obscure cooking methods. Søren is the main researcher of the company, and will take care of everything from website to our marketing campaign.

We would love to have company on this journey into the heart of Mexico and back, so if you’re interested in being a more active contributor, just let us know!

Until next time.

Søren & Pelle