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Mexican Introduction Gift Box

An accessible way to try the wonders of Mexican cuisine. This gift box is a great introduction to a foreign kitchen - for the veteran chef or the young student just learning their first recipe. The corn tortillas are a must-have for serving homemade tacos and the fruity Hibiscus Salsa will complement your meal perfectly. We recommend topping off your favorite dishes with the Hot Sauces. The Salsa Macha gives a spicy touch to everything you desire, and we suggest trying them with your breakfast eggs.

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Product Description

The gift box features high-quality ingredients that will bring your friends and family the mood of the colourful markets of Mexico in an instant!

This bundle includes Mole Negro, our specialty sauce infused with an intricate blend of more than 30 ingredients. Our Chipotle Morita chili powder is a great addition to sauces for added richness and smoke. Serve this delicious sauce on gluten-free tortillas made from Mexican nixtamalized corn full of flavour and top it all off with beautiful crunchy chili oil, complexly flavoured hot sauces and pineapple salsa, perfect combination of fruity taste and a bite of chili.

Share the experience of flavourful meal and give your loved ones this perfect present to introduce and spark curiosity in Mexican food as it’s made in Mexico.

Serving Suggestion

The gift box includes:

- Corn Tortillas

- Mole Negro

- Pineapple Salsa

- Chipotle Peanut Macha

​- Tingly Habanero Sauce

​- Jitomate Rojo Sauce

- Chipotle Morita Dried Chili

Nutritional Information (per 100 grams)

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199 DKK