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The Creators Gift Box

The content of this box focuses on using your hands and making dishes from scratch. The Masa Harina mixed with water, forms dough which you can simply press with the tortilla press for perfectly shaped tortillas. Topping these off with the hot sauces, salsa macha and hibiscus salsa, and you have the beginnings for a delicious and adventurous Mexican meal.

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Product Description

The perfect present for your talented foodie-friend or family member who loves nothing more than making the most advanced dishes and desserts. 

By surprising them with our Creators Gift Box you can bring exotic flavors and Mexican Food Traditions right into their kitchen!

With a little luck, they might even invite you over to try the homemade tortillas they will be able to make from scratch. Quality dishes and experiences guaranteed!

Serving Suggestion

This gift box includes:

- Cast Iron Tortilla Press (diameter: 16 cm)

- Three Hot Sauces (50 ML): Tingly Habanero, Jitomate Rojo and Tomatillo Verde

- Mole Negro

- 1 kg blue Masa Harina

- Hibiscus Salsa

- Salsa Macha

- Pasilla Mixe Dried Chili

Nutritional Information (per 100 grams)

More information can be found on individual product pages.

More information can be found on the individual product pages.



449 DKK