Juan Leyva

Juan is a highly skilled weaver from the City of Oaxaca and he is the person behind our amazing tortilla towels. He makes them on a pedal web using cotton and high-quality yarn. Read more about Juan below.

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Juan Leyva

Juan was born and raised in Ciudad de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico. He and his family live in the Xochimilco district, known for their many weavers. In the past, the whole district was full of weavers and in the streets, you could hear the rhythmic drum of the weavers. However, nowadays, there are only a few single weavers of the old school left, and Juan is one of them.

Juan works exclusively with cotton, and always uses yarn of the highest quality. In his workshop, he makes many different products such as tablecloths, bedspreads, potholders, and tortilla towels. He makes his products on a pedal web, this allows him to make both large and small products, as well as textiles with beautiful patterns and textures. His work is inspired by old Mexican textile traditions, but he is not shy to try new designs or products.

One of his biggest wishes is that more people get interested in learning about the crafts that he does so that the traditional weaving methods do not become obsolete.