Martha Lagunas

Martha has a Ph.D. in agricultural sciences and puts it to great use at her wonderful tomato and chile de agua farm. By combining her great know-how with a love for her community she has created a truly great approach to farming.

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Martha Lagunas

Martha has an ambitious goal with her farm: to help the women left behind in Oaxaca. A big problem in parts of Mexico, but especially in Oaxaca, has been the exodus of men leaving for the U.S. to earn a better living. Sometimes, this means their families are left behind. These women and their children are often left with no or very little income, and no recourse. Martha attempts to hire as many women as possible for picking, packing, and more, with the explicit goal of promoting women’s welfare in Oaxaca. On top of this, Martha helps educate the women on matters of finance and helps set them up for a future in entrepreneurship or other business ventures. We also happen to love her tomatoes, but this passion is really why we enjoy working with Martha.